Ruminate Podcast
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A fortnightly podcast about what’s on our mind.

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    47 - You've Never Heard of AriZona?

    Robb bought some American products, John makes friends with the Rock, Robb hates the touch bar, and they both play some games.

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    46 - Glue an iPad to Your Fridge

    John takes a trip to Woodstock while Robb boogies on down to Dongle Town. Robb gives a password management hot tip, and discusses 1Password Family. Then the guys talk about Breath of the Wild.

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    43 - Hunch Over It

    The guys discuss Amazon's new Echo, and The OA

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    42 - Fitness Band and a Smile

    Robb buys a fitness band for everything except fitness and released his Twitter archiving tool. They both discuss the stupidity of Nintendo's business decisions

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    41 - Graze the Siri Button

    John and Robb discuss the new, rumoured, unreleased, possibly non-existant Macs Pro, and then talk about John's trip to Italy.

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