Ruminate Podcast
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A fortnightly podcast about what’s on our mind.

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    26 - Everything is Modals

    Robb is confused about US card payments, John wants to know why Robb did a 180 on Pokémon Go, and they both talk about Instagram Stories, and a few games.

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    20 - We Could Call It a Hyperlink

    This week John and Robb discuss Snapchat QR codes, tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, briefly talk about the NYT podcasting article, and John launching his new app.

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    19 - Email on a Saturday

    John and Robb discuss WWDC without a ticket, the Apple Watch, iOS keyboards, Viticci's iOS 10 wishlist, and a man in a hedgehog suit.

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    18 - Even on Windows Phone

    This week John and Robb have some alt text follow up, talk about the Reddit App Store rejections, messaging apps, TextExpander, and answer a listener question.

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    17 - Wall-To-Wall Frank

    This week John and Robb discuss Netflix VPN blocking, the Apple Event, Miitomo, Bragi Dash earbuds, Twitter's new accessibility feature, and advise not reading the comments.

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