Ruminate Podcast
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A fortnightly podcast about what’s on our mind.

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    30 - It's All Fragmented

    John went to a corn maze, Robb tried Spotify, and they both love Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

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    29 - Cup of Tea and Some Toast

    John wants a new desk, Robb got a new desk, they both want AirPods, Robb ordered an Amazon Echo and did Pub Hack, and they both have iMessage gripes.

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    27 - All John, All the Time

    Robb finally backs up his computer, and Robb and John discuss music and Mac apps they use every day.

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    26 - Everything is Modals

    Robb is confused about US card payments, John wants to know why Robb did a 180 on Pokémon Go, and they both talk about Instagram Stories, and a few games.

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