Ruminate Podcast
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A fortnightly podcast about what’s on our mind.

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    82 - It's a Little Loose

    New cameras, new consoles, and new computers. Plus NDA'd parties at GDC.

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    81 - Team Scorbunny

    Nintendo Directs, handheld consoles, and wireless hard drives.

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    79 - Everything's a Day

    John tries to book hotels for WWDC and buys a battery case while Robb gets into another expensive hobby.

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    77 - Special Projects Area

    Analogue SNES, GOTY, Into the Spider-Verse, and more favourite 2018 things. Plus John is changing his office again.

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    75 - Dust Shouldn't Be the Enemy

    John has a shiny new iPad, Robb is grieving more Red Dead horses, they discuss Robb's game room, Robb is (sort of) back on Twitter, and John is getting a new gadget.

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    74 - Dongle Pouch

    John and Robb played Red Dead Redemption 2, then they spoke about these computer things some fruit company announced.

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