Ruminate Podcast
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A fortnightly podcast about what’s on our mind.

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    39 - Chalupa Challenge

    John and Robb wish they could get their hands on the Chizza, Robb buys some more games including Lego Dimensions, and John ordered even more Nintendo Switch accessories.

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    38 - My First Amiibo

    Robb bought a dead console, John bought some new routers, they both discuss Dropbox Paper (again).

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    34 - Twenty Dollar Blanket

    Robb got a new boiler, John bought a Dot, Robb bought the Apple Book, John looks at CarPlay.

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    33 - An Extraordinary Amount of Makeup

    Robb watches Star Wars for the first time, John is the only one excited about some changes to the Apple TV app store, Robb buys a Fire TV, and John rants about iCloud.

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    32 - Grumpy Technologist

    Robb finds some rough spots in Android, John tries to talk Robb into buying an expensive remote control, we spend some time discussing the new MacBook Pros, plus what we're watching and playing.

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    30 - It's All Fragmented

    John went to a corn maze, Robb tried Spotify, and they both love Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

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    29 - Cup of Tea and Some Toast

    John wants a new desk, Robb got a new desk, they both want AirPods, Robb ordered an Amazon Echo and did Pub Hack, and they both have iMessage gripes.

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    27 - All John, All the Time

    Robb finally backs up his computer, and Robb and John discuss music and Mac apps they use every day.

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    26 - Everything is Modals

    Robb is confused about US card payments, John wants to know why Robb did a 180 on Pokémon Go, and they both talk about Instagram Stories, and a few games.

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    20 - We Could Call It a Hyperlink

    This week John and Robb discuss Snapchat QR codes, tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, briefly talk about the NYT podcasting article, and John launching his new app.

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    19 - Email on a Saturday

    John and Robb discuss WWDC without a ticket, the Apple Watch, iOS keyboards, Viticci's iOS 10 wishlist, and a man in a hedgehog suit.

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    18 - Even on Windows Phone

    This week John and Robb have some alt text follow up, talk about the Reddit App Store rejections, messaging apps, TextExpander, and answer a listener question.

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    17 - Wall-To-Wall Frank

    This week John and Robb discuss Netflix VPN blocking, the Apple Event, Miitomo, Bragi Dash earbuds, Twitter's new accessibility feature, and advise not reading the comments.

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    16 - You Can't Buy Those in the Gift Shop

    This week John and Robb discuss Wikipedia apps, Mondo and other banking startups, what's coming in the Apple event, working in restaurants, and the National Poo Museum.

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    15 - I Can Search for Cats

    This week John and Robb discuss who's got the best government website, migrating between Dropbox and Google Drive, saying no to features, videos games, and Lego's 2015 results.

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    14 - Plastic Bag License

    This week, John and Robb discuss Amazon Prime-only products, showing the price of your product on your website, more plastic bag things, a Nicholas Cage-themed dating site plus Deadpool.

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    13 - Crumpets on Your Tea Towel

    After missing a week, John and Robb are back to discuss Chapters for Mac, a bug that's now a feature, release notes, and subscription pricing.

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    11 - Artisanal Hand-Crafted Wash Cycles

    This week John and Robb talk some more about bluetooth headphones, screenshot apps and the state of the app stores, CES, plus the Puddle and Peach.

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    9 - Stupid Tiny Adaptor

    John and Robb discuss Kickstarter, headphones, copycat apps and the new X-Men trailer.

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    8 - A Robb-Approved Product

    This week, John and Robb discuss pulled-pork and burger follow-up, affiliate links, terrible mobile apps and finish up with some interesting Kickstarters and the new Civil War trailer.

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    6: Parents Holding Pen

    John and Robb discuss the Release Notes conference, third party Apple Watch bands, the Apple TV, how Squibner came to be, and local people being angry about postmarks.

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    5: The Gift of Time

    This week, John and Robb talk about the effect of a random Buzzfeed listicle on an app, the utility of app analytics, Overcast 2 and the new app, plastic bag “chaos” on both sides of the Atlantic and a few of their favorite things.

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    4: Surprised at How Small It Felt

    This week John and Robb discuss their new iPhones, the value of Amazon Prime (including a Hot Tip™) and finish up by laughing at how bad Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 is.

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    3: Three Way Dinner

    This week, John and Robb talk about John's first Nando's experience, the new Apple TV and Hackathons.

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    2: Really Good at Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots

    This week John and Robb discuss pizza and ad blocker follow up, the upcoming Apple event and experiments in dressing like Prince George and David Bowie.

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    1: A Micro-Burger in Every Slice

    John and Robb talk about apps for managing notes and links, the use of ad blockers, 10-year-old shoes, and terrible food.

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